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By revolutionizing and streamlining the entire server provisioning process together with providing complete management tools to your customers, NexusDCIM closes the gap between cloud and dedicated servers.


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NexusDCIM is the result of the hard work of many manpower.NexusDCIM is a proven Data Center Infrastructure Management and & Building Management Systems solutions provider.Server Room worth a lot of investment for any organization. With our professional expertise, you can avoid high implementation and operating costs, thereby supporting an optimized investment decision for your business.

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NexusDCIM Services

Scheduled Email for alerts (maximum of 5 times a day after alert)
Historical Graph in Desktop App
Proper Data Backups in text files
Data storing in text files
SMS for alerts (maximum of 5 times a day after alert)
Access Control Mechanism
Customized Display options in Desktop App
Set value in SNMP device like hooters
SMS from both F1 soft and sparrow SMS gateway
Data backup for 3 Months
Live Graph in Desktop App
Email sending with client`s own server
Export INI files in zip format

Key Features of Nexus DCIM

sensor feature
monitoring feature
alert feature


Three main Components of Data Center



Equal in importance as power and cooling system, a good data center should always have the highest level of security because evil-minded people are always ready to steal the data. All the servers and the hardware system of data centers are a hub of sensitive data. This is why well-maintained data centers use round the clock monitoring, CCTV surveillance, biometric identification and various other security measures for keeping the data center completely secure and safe from any type of threat. In addition to virtual security, the safety system adopted in data centers has a physical aspect as well. Physical security in data centers means choosing a place where the risk of natural calamities like floods, tornado, and earthquakes is very low. This is why most of the well-maintained data centers are built on specially chosen locations that are well analyzed for any type of risk related to natural calamity.



Equal in importance as power, a well-functioning data center enables your web hosting equipment, collocation servers, and networking gear to function duly without overheating. To figure how vital cooling is to operations in a data center, think of the 1997 Dell laptop. Whenever users place the PC on their laps, it would overheat to the point of being uncomfortable. Overheating occurred as a result of poor ventilation and having a weak fan to cool the system. The same takes place in a data center. With a lack of adequate ventilation, hot or cold aisles or raised floors to spread the cooling effect evenly, your servers would overheat and eventually cease to function. It’s vital to note that, similar to how a power supply within a data center needs to be redundant, the same should apply to the cooling system.



All collocation equipment and web hosting servers run off a reliable power source. Power is a data center’s holy grail. More on this point, beyond providing power to the collation equipment via PDU’s, all data centers need to have a backup or a redundant power source to guarantee server and overall service uptime. With a lack of a backup power source such as backup power generators, a data center is just as good as the city grid it runs off of. We all know city grids fail quite often.


Remotely manage infrastructure and services with NexusDCIM

web dashboard

Web Dashboard

desktop dashboard

Desktop Dashboard

historical chart

Historical Chart

live chart

Live Chart

Android Dashboard




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